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If the twentieth century opened in an atmosphere of trust in the future and in the myths of Science, Reason and Progress, the climate in which it is ending is quite different: a dark uncertainty, consequent to the historical failure of the " real socialism "which involved the entire international Left in its collapse.

The idol of Modernity is now demolished by those who built it: the dream of Construction is followed by a dream of Destruction which has its result in the realization of an ecological and tribal society. This dream of "destruction" is the background of the project of European unification: its fulcrum is the liquidation of the National States and every European historical cultural identity, to achieve the authentic goal of the Revolution, which is the construction of an anarchic and self-managing society. .

The project of the Left, founded on an aberrant Theory of Chaos, is revealed in this book, which proposes for the 21st century the principles and institutions of that Christian Civilization which made Europe great.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: Lepanto Cultural Center
Edition year
: 1988
Pages: 279
ISBN: 9788886387002

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