Apologia della tradizione



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After the success of the book “II Vatican Council II. A history never written ", Roberto de Mattei offers in these pages some elements of historical and theological reflection for those who wish to deepen the problems raised by the lively debate on his work: people and events that belong to the history of the Church can be discussed, in light of any limits and shadows?

Can one disagree (and when? And to what extent?) From the decisions of the supreme ecclesiastical authorities? What is the "regula fidei" of the Church in times of crisis and confusion? For Roberto de Mattei the main road to be rediscovered is the Sacred Tradition of which, in this volume, he offers a documented apology.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: Lindau
Edition year
: 2011
Pages: 153
ISBN: 978-88-7180-950-2

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