Cina Covid-19 La chimera che ha cambiato il mondo



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China Covid-19 offers a complete and unprecedented vision of the history of SARS-COV-2 and of what happened: the origins of the virus, the world of research on viruses and bacteria, the characteristics of Covid-19, the possible treatments, the symptoms and medications, the tips and information useful to doctors, health professionals, researchers and all those engaged in the battle, the regulatory suggestions to prevent this tragedy from happening again, the protocols and diagnostic tools that we have at our disposal the need for better risk management which should involve more parties at an international level and take advantage of modern data collection and processing tools; a revelatory work offered to all as an act of love for humanity.

Professor Tritto and colleagues considered it absolutely necessary to clarify a story that still has too many dark sides, considering the pandemic caused by Covid-19 as an extraordinary event that had to take precedence over everything else. Professor Tritto and his team worked on the essay with painstaking patience, in a constantly evolving situation, verifying with great rigor all the information, studies and research on which they drew, obtaining a result that is without a doubt surprising .



Author: Joseph Tritto
Edition: Cantagalli
Edition year
: 2020
Pages: 271
ISBN: 978-88-68798-90-1

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