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To what height did the Saints rise! Not all, no doubt, have done the full work of their purification down here. In some there may be some part left to do in purgatory. But many reached the last peak from this life and entered heaven from the moment of their death. And as for those in which a small part of the work still remained to be done, they had nevertheless traveled the path to its greatest extent. It goes without saying that they had fully implemented the first part of Christian life: God the first, and that they were already far ahead in the second as well: God alone. This is why they are so big!

They were men like you, with the same passions and the same nature, as well as with the same reason and the same faith. And they knew how to pass over their passions, to live according to their reason and according to their faith. They were men! ... Pilate, showing Jesus Christ to the people, said: Here is the man. And the Church, showing her Saints to the world, says: Here are the men! ...

And will you be a man? ... a Christian? ... a saint? ... Do you have faith? ... reason? ...

Trust Editions reissues the masterpiece of Pollien, published by Marietti in 1958, one of the fundamental spiritual texts of the twentieth century.


Author: Don Francesco Pollien
Edition year
: 2017
Pages: 167
ISBN: 978-88-86387-14-9

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