De Europa. Tra radici cristiane e sogni postmoderni



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Never before has Europe been discussed as in recent years, but never as today has the "European dream" appeared further from its realization. After 11 September 2001, the project for a European Constitution, elaborated by a "Convention" specially designated by the Heads of State and Government, seemed to materialize, but the European peoples rejected it, expressing their distrust of the Brussels bureaucracy. but also their rejection of a Europe devoid of identity and roots. The voice of John Paul II and Benedict XVI in turn contrasted the model of a Europe rooted in its own Christian tradition to that of a postmodern European Union without a founding principle and a clearly defined identity. The first part of this volume traces the recent history of the European construction, the second examines the main themes on the table today: the models, the roots, the borders of a Europe of which the author traces a possible physiognomy: strong in its principles , flexible in its institutions.


Author: Roberto De Mattei 
Le lettere
Edition year: 2006
Pages: 152
ISBN: 886087002X

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