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The De Deposito fidei also custodiendo, is one of the seven schemes of the Second Vatican Council approved in July 1962 by John XXIII, but never brought into the hall. The abandonment of these schemes which, according to the regulations, should have formed the basis of the discussion, marked a major turning point in the history of the Second Vatican Council.

The Council considered it more urgent to present the faith of the Church in a new way, rather than to reaffirm it clearly against the errors that opposed it. The promulgated texts were intended to have a "pastoral" and not doctrinal significance, but the consequence, in the years following the Council, was the obscuring of the doctrine of the faith, to the point that Benedict XVI, in 2012, a year before his resignation, stated that "in vast areas of the earth, faith runs the risk of being extinguished like a flame that no longer finds food. We are facing a profound crisis of faith, a loss of the religious sense which constitutes the greatest challenge for the Church today».

The dogmatic constitution scheme on safeguarding the integrity of the deposit of faith, seeing the impending crisis, considered it necessary and urgent to rediscover the traditional teaching of the Church and to condemn the errors opposed to it and opened by recalling the words of St. Paul to the his disciple Timothy: "keep the deposit; avoids the profane chatter and objections of the so-called science, professing which some have deviated from the faith»(1 'Tm. 6, 20-21).

For this reason, although it has never been promulgated, the scheme on the Deposit of Faith constitutes a document of the Second Vatican Council which today retains all its force and relevance and deserves to be reread and deepened. The full text in Latin is presented for the first time with an Italian translation, preceded by an introduction by prof. Roberto de Mattei.

Roberto de Mattei, president of the Lepanto Foundation, has taught Modern History and History of Christianity in several Italian universities.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition year
: 2017
Pages: 147
ISBN: 978-88-86387-15-6

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