Guerrieri serafici. Racconti di pace e bene... e guerra



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Is a "militant Franciscanism" possible if not a "military Franciscanism"? Perhaps someone will immediately think of the well-known South American deviations where, stirred up by the poison of liberation theology, many sons of St. Francis also left their cassocks in favor of arms to take part in revolutionary movements. Here, however, we are not dealing with Communist partisans or even friars perverted by some crazy theology or by some anti-Christian ideology.

They are true Franciscans, faithful children of the Poverello of Assisi. Indeed, in many cases, they are real canonized saints, or, in any case, good and devoted religious, forced by the historical events in which they found themselves to go into battle, stand side by side with the soldiers, if not even to lead armies and plan entire wars, carrying out works of military and Christian heroism that would astound professional soldiers.

But if these sons of the Seraph of Assisi - indeed, if even the Seraphic Father himself! - they were real warriors, is something wrong with the pacifist legend of Franciscanism which is unfortunately so widespread? The reader of this volume will be able to judge it, composed of ten stories dedicated to as many seraphic warriors, adventurers of God in the affairs of the world and chivalrous hearts under the religious habit. Or, rather, to the hearts of saints in the midst of the noise of the battlefields.



Authors: Ambrogio Maria Canavesi, Wawrzyniec Maria Waszkiewicz
Edition: Tabula Fati
Edition year
: 2021
Pages: 228
ISBN: 978-88-7475-965-1

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