Il mistero del Male e i castighi di Dio



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The reflections carried out by Roberto de Mattei at Radio Maria on the problem of evil and divine punishments, after the earthquake in Japan in March 2011, have aroused violent media attacks by secularist circles and lively controversy even within the Catholic world.

The theological and spiritual considerations on the mystery of evil by Prof. de Mattei are accompanied in this volume by the interventions of some authoritative exponents of Catholic culture, including Msgr. Antonio Livi, Father Giovanni Cavalcoli O.P., Father Serafino M. Lanzetta F.I., Corrado Gnerre, Cristina Siccardi. From this plurality of contributions develops the deepening of a central point of theology and Christian philosophy of history.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: Faith & Culture
Edition year
: 2011
Pages: 94
ISBN: 978-88-6409-110-5

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