Il ralliement di Leone XIII. Il fallimento di un progetto pastorale



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The pontificate of Leo XIII, which extended from 1878 to 1903, represents a moment not yet fully investigated in the history of the modern Church. The author of this volume, based on unpublished documents and on a vast mastery of published literature, offers us the historical reconstruction of a crucial aspect of the pontificate: the ralliement with the French Third Republic. In fact, Leo XIII proposed to reaffirm the primacy of the Apostolic See through a redefinition of its relations with European states, and the reconciliation of the Church with modernity. The policy of ralliement was the cornerstone of this policy and offers us a key to interpreting not only the Leonine pontificate, but also the history of the Church in the contemporary age. With the ralliement an attitude of the spirit and a way of governing entered the Church which deeply marked the ecclesiastical politics of the following century. The political and pastoral project of Leo XIII was not successful. Roberto de Mattei shows us the reasons and consequences of this failure.



Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: The letters
Edition year
: 2014
Pages: 343
ISBN: 978-88-6087-865-6

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