La Chiesa fra le tempeste (Vol. 1)



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Benedict XVI, using the metaphor applied by Saint Basil to the post-council of Nicaea, compared our time to a night naval battle in the stormy sea and in the homily for the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, on 29 June 2006, he described the spacecraft of the Church as "shaken by the wind of ideologies", but unsinkable and safe on its way ...

History, which is a teacher of Christian life and faith, teaches us, through the example of the martyrs, how the Truth is not negotiable and must be witnessed, if necessary, with blood. The monks and hermits remind us of the rejection of the world and the need for constant union with the Lord, in silence and prayer. The action of the apologists shows us how the apostolate is exercised not only by positively exposing the faith, but also by refuting prejudices and errors with the weapons of polemics and controversy.

In the first millennium of history, the foundations and roots of Christianity were laid and the Christian sovereigns and principles who created the European nations offer us an example of how the world can be Christianized without belonging to it. The example of the Crusaders is, of all, the most generous because they offered their lives to the Church, ignoring what trials they would have to undergo to fulfill their vocation to the full.

The spirit with which they launched themselves for the liberation of the Holy Sepulcher is the same that we should ask today to free the Church and Christian civilization from the evils that afflict it. 


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: Sugarco
Edition year
: 2012
Pages: 170
ISBN: 978-88-7198-643-2

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