La Chiesa fra le tempeste (Vol. 2)



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The history of the Church in every century is that of its persecutions and its rebirths, its apostasies and its conversions, its defeats and its triumphs. In the formation of a Catholic, the study of these events should always be accompanied by that of philosophy and theology because it is in history that metaphysical and moral principles are concretized and it is in history that each of us lives and makes his choices.

For a Catholic, however, history is not only a profane "teacher of life"; it is above all a key to discovering the laws that regulate the temporal and eternal destinies of men.

These themes were developed in a series of monthly conversations on Radio Maria. In a first volume published by Sugarco Edizioni with the title La Chiesa tra le tempeste. The first millennium of Church history in conversations on Radio Maria, prof. de Mattei retraced the first millennium of the history of the Church, from the era of the martyrs to the epic of the Crusades.

We now present the second part of those conversations which, following the chronological thread, go from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution and the birth of the Catholic Counter-Revolution. The return to Christian civilization, which takes place and identifies itself with the Catholic Church, is, for the author, the only solution to the evils that afflict modern society and are otherwise destined to worsen.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Editions: Sugarco
Edition year:
: 176

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