La critica alla Rivoluzione nel pensiero di Augusto Del Noce



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Augusto Del Noce was one of the most original and stimulating thinkers of the twentieth century, gifted with a singular ability to foresee the political and cultural scenarios of his time. One of the major contributions of his philosophical reflection lies in a critique of the idea of Revolution, conducted within modern thought, from which this idea has germinated.

To the idea of a Revolution, destined to commit suicide due to its internal contradictions, Del Noce opposes the perenniality of traditional values, but unlike the traditionalist authors, he believed possible the positive recovery of that "modernity" of which he also felt the crisis.

Roberto de Mattei, who in the space of twenty years had an intense relationship with him, testified by the unpublished letters that we publish in this volume, reconstructs and evaluates his thought.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: The letters
Edition year:
: 116
ISBN: 978-88-9366-1157

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