La sovranità necessaria. Riflessioni sulla crisi dello stato moderno



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Sovereignty and anti-sovereignism are two trends in the contemporary political debate. The author of this volume, on the basis of a profound knowledge of classical thought and contemporary literature, demonstrates that the state and sovereignty are not ephemeral and conventional ideas destined to be overcome by the course of history, but a natural and necessary characteristic of human society. The abolition of sovereignty would imply the death and decomposition of society which, deprived of its vital principle and its unifying center, would end up falling prey to disorder and anarchy, as is happening today. The conceptual reconquest of the principle of sovereignty is a necessary condition for dealing with the chaos that threatens humanity in the era of globalization.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition year
: 2019
Pages: 205
ISBN: 978-88-7557-611-0

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