L'Euro contro l'Europa. Vent'anni dopo il Trattato di Maastricht



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The history of European integration has its decisive stage in the Maastricht Treaty, which takes its name from the agreement signed in December 1991 by the European Council held in the Dutch town of Maastricht and then solemnly ratified in February 1992. The Maastricht Treaty created a new supranational entity, the European Union, initiating the creation of a "single currency" and a European Central Bank. The Euro entered into force on 1 January 1999 in 11 of the 15 countries of the European Union, marking the first renunciation of the sovereignty of European nations, destined to be completely deprived of the power of Brussels, through a rigid chain of causes and effects. .. The pro-European project of Maastricht had, from the beginning, an inflexible critic in prof. Roberto de Mattei who, since 1990, described the dangers. Twenty years later, your book critically retraces the central phases of a process that had its last expression in the technocratic government of Mario Monti.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: Solfanelli
Edition year
: 2012
Pages: 72
ISBN: 978-88-7497-752-9


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