Il comunismo è morto?



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Is Communism Dead? This was the title of the latest book by Joachim Santanché (1924-2002) a sociologist and political scientist who few still know, but who had the merit of studying the evolution of the Communist Revolution with a scientific method, from its origins until its apparent disappearance. Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) and the self-dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991) in the era of the coronavirus, Chinese leaders continue to refer to Marx and Lenin. Knowledge of the doctrines, methods and metamorphoses of communism is today all the more necessary.

The Trust Editions they offer you to total price of 15 euros, today all the books of Gioacchino Santanché:

  • A failed Revolution. Boris Ponomariov's methods in Europe, Mursia, Milan 1978-1980, pp. 316;
  • Communists against the working class. The end of a myth, Cultural Association Coerenza, Rome 1986, pp. 254;
  • Gorbachev will make it, Cultural Association Coerenza, Rome 1990, pp. 194;
  • Communism is dead, Cultural Association Coerenza Rome 1993, pp. 142.

Take advantage of this offer to deepen an increasingly topical issue.

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