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The mysterious island, as the Roman trilogy by the same author, is composed of three stories, linked to each other, which offer us a fresco of Sicilian life and culture before and after the Messina earthquake of 28 December 1908. The protagonists are historical figures, such as St. Annibale Maria di Francia, Sir Alexander Nelson Hood, descendant of the famous admiral, and a professor of hygiene from Catania whose name the author does not mention, but he cherishes the memory. Words and dialogues are based on authentic memories and documents and human affairs are judged in the light of the philosophy and theology of history. The land of Sicily discloses a part of its mystery in these pages.

«We are Sicilians, dear professor, we have Sicily not only in our hearts, but also in our blood. Ours is not the sensual and skeptical island that is painted on us. These are our faults, but who speaks to us of our virtues, of our vocation? There is a secret island, which is not only a geographic place, but is the intimate land of our heart, that treasure that we keep in the depths and we do not want to reveal either to others or to ourselves. We rediscover our identity through those who have discovered this secret throughout history, thus fulfilling their vocation. "


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: Solfanelli
Edition year
: 2020
Pages: 142
ISBN: 978-88-3305-220-5

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