Riscoprire la bioetica. Capire, formarsi, insegnare

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There are those who limit it to the "clinic", those who consider it "too academic", those who imagine it "global". In recent years, Bioethics seems to have lost its identity and its mission. Yet, if for some this discipline seems to have fallen into disuse, the attacks on human life, the nascent one as well as the dying one, do not lose vigor and relevance, as well as the attacks on procreation and the family, up to ever new and already controversial challenges. The idea of this book comes from the desire to recover one of the most important characteristics of Bioethics: a practical knowledge that educates to reality and, therefore, to the truth of the human being.

Today it is necessary not only to say no, but to understand why a certain choice respects or does not respect the good of the human person and the moral law imprinted in his nature. The challenge is to rediscover Bioethics and its importance for the "good fight" in defense of human life, which today as never before obliges us to train. For this reason, the book is aimed above all at those who are at the forefront of education or in the pro-life world; but also to those who simply want to understand more deeply what is hidden behind the current events that affect human life and follow one another around him.

The invitation to a real "treasure hunt"; because rediscovering Bioethics means rediscovering the inalienable value of the human person, created in the image of God, the inviolability of his life and the intangibility of his body, in order to avoid the relativist reductionism and nihilism of which modern rationalism is permeated.


Author: Giorgia Brambilla
Edition: Rubettino
Edition year
: 2020
Pages: 484
ISBN: 978-88-4986-057-3

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