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These stories, which make up a single trilogy, are not a historical novel, but a historical reconstruction of facts and characters, in which everything is rigorously documentable. The author's imagination is limited to having imagined the dates and places of the interviews, and some particular details. The first story aims to evoke the figures of two great personalities of the nineteenth century: Cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti and the historian Jacques Crétineau-Joly.

The historical evidence can be found in the biography that Abbé Maynard dedicated to Crétineau-Joly (1875) and in the "Life of Cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti" by Charles William Russell (1859), as well as in the pages dedicated to the Roman cardinal father Antonio Bresciani in his works. The second story sees several protagonists, including Monsignor Umberto Benigni and Don Ernesto Buonaiuti, opposing souls of the Church of the early twentieth century, and Prince Leone Caetani, a character still shrouded in mystery. The sources, as in the other stories, are mainly memorial and archival.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: Solfanelli
Edition year
: 2018
Pages: 159
ISBN: 978-88-3305-079-9

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