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Benedict XVI's act of resignation and all that followed, up to the election of the new Pontiff, brought back the problem of the "reform of the Papacy", re-proposed by theologians, historians and journalists to condition future choices. In reality, these are stale ideas, often refuted, but which have found new life.

This book, which has the advantage of being agile, legible and precise, follows the same two guidelines followed by the "reformers": that of history on the one hand and that of theology and law on the other. The outcome is different because Roberto de Mattei adheres to the objectivity of the facts without bending them for partisan purposes and knows that theological and legal research can only develop within the Tradition of the Church according to the definitions of his Magisterium.

A fundamental contribution emerges for anyone who wants to answer the question: "Who is the Pope?" not only in ordinary times, but also and above all in those "of exception", such as those we are experiencing.


Author: Roberto de Mattei
Edition: Faith & Culture
Edition year
: 2013
Pages: 206
ISBN: 978-88-6409-199-0

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