Christian fashion in the teaching of the Church



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Over the past fifty years, Catholic teaching authorities have been silent on Christian fashion, a topic which has important implications both on an individual and social level. Virginia Coda Nunziante offers us a selection of documents in which the popes (and certain cardinals) of the twentieth century, especially Venerable Pius XII, have treated this question. The compilation of papal teachings is preceded by an in-depth overview of the historical and doctrinal issues underlying this topic, inviting women to become more aware of their mission in society. Virginia Coda Nunziante writes, “Through our clothing we express a world vision — and, if it is true that examples count as much as ideas, it is also in the way we dress that we will be able to express our ‘lived Christianity’.”


Autore: Virginia Coda Nunziante
Anno edizione
: 2022
Pagine: 108
ISBN: 978-1-8384785-5-1

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