Il comunismo. La sua natura, i suoi fini, i suoi mezzi



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Communism, before being an apparatus of power, is an ideology and a mentality. Its philosophical core is dialectical materialism, that is a conception of the world and of history in which there are neither absolute truths nor permanent institutions, but everything changes and dissolves in a perpetual becoming. For this reason, after the self-dissolution of the Soviet Union, the errors fermented in Russia have spread throughout the world, where communism survives, but has transformed and has become polycentric.

Evolutionism, pragmatism and hedonism, intrinsic to the communist doctrine, pervade the West and the "dictatorship of the proletariat" has been replaced by a "dictatorship of relativism" that springs from the same poisoned source of dialectical materialism.

Today the former Communist nomenklatura still controls a large part of the power in many countries of the world, while in other nations, such as the People's Republic of China, power continues to be exercised by the Communist Party alone, in power since 1949.

Anti-communism for its part has dissolved, because, as Pius XI already warned in the encyclical Divini Redemptoris of March 19, 1937: "very few have been able to penetrate the true nature of communism”.

For this reason, the text that we present can represent a useful tool in the battle of ideas that it is necessary to lead, until the prophecy of Our Lady is fulfilled which, in 1917, at Fatima foresaw the spread of Russia's errors in the world, but also the final triumph of His Immaculate Heart.


Edition year: 2021
Pages: 67
ISBN: 978-88-86387-21-7

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