Cattolici senza compromessi



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This book by Tommaso Monfeli tells of the action in defense of the natural and Christian order carried out in the space of twenty-five years (1982-2006) from Lepanto Cultural Center, an association of Catholic laity, founded in Rome by prof. Roberto de Mattei. The public campaigns of the Lepanto Cultural Center they denounced, well in advance, the metamorphosis of communism, the deceptions of Europe in Maastricht, the threat of Islam, the rise of homosexualism. To these growing attacks against Christian civilization, the Center opposed the defense of those principles and institutions that over the centuries had made Europe, in the conviction "that once again the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church will restore its civilization to the world, its tradition to Europe, its faith to our homeland, in our time a future of hope and glory". The battle in defense of the Church and Christian civilization led by Lepanto Cultural Center is now carried out by the Lepanto Foundation, which has collected the ideal inheritance.


Author: Tommaso Monfeli
Edition year
: 2019
Pages: 302
ISBN: 978-88-86387-18-7

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