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Introduction of Roberto de Mattei

Published one hundred years ago, on September 8, 1907, the Pascendi Dominici Gregis of Saint Pius X is known as theencyclical against the errors of modernism, a secularist philosophical theory that within the Church had tried to reconcile faith with modern philosophy and epistemology, supporting the evolution - and therefore the modifiability - of dogmas.

An apparent outstretched hand which, more than at conciliation, was aimed at submission of faith to science. the encyclical contains an in-depth analysis of the seven metamorphoses that the modernist thinker can assume (philosopher, believer, historian, critic, theologian, apologist and finally reformer) e proposes seven "remedies" to combat what he defines as the "synthesis of all heresies", first of all the return to Thomistics, the main beacon of all rational thought.

There Pascendi Dominici Gregis it is presented in the original version with a new translation, together with the texts of the decree Complainers Sane Exitu, containing the conviction of 61 modernist propositions, and the letter Sacrorum Antistium, the so-called "Anti-modernist oath".


Author: St. Pius X
Edition year
: 2019
Pages: 126
ISBN: 978-88-86387-17-0

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